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AHLC Defends Missouri Atheist from Discrimination

For Immediate Release

Contact: Amy Couch, 202-238-9088,

(Wentzville, MO, February 26, 2018) – The American Humanist Association (AHA) and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent a joint letter to the Mayor of Wentzville, MO to express concerns over the Board of Aldermen’s discrimination against an atheist speaker at a recent Board meeting.

Sally Hunt came before the board on February 14 to express her concerns over the large “In God We Trust” display that the Board had recently erected in the board room. Not only did the board refuse Hunt the traditional five minute speaking time, they had her forcibly removed from the boardroom.

“Ms. Hunt informed us that many other non-religious members in the community are afraid to confront the board on this issue,” stated Monica Miller, AHA Senior Legal Counsel. “And with the board’s heavy-handed, dismissive treatment of her—calling her a liar and having her embarrassingly removed from the meeting, they have good reason to be so.”

In the joint letter sent to Mayor Guccione, AHA and FFRF remind the mayor’s office that the Board of Aldermen represent all citizens in the city of Wentzville, which includes many non-religious atheist residents. AHA and FFRF urge the Mayor’s office and the Board of Aldermen to respect the diversity of their constituency and concentrate on civil matters, leaving religious matters to the “private conscious of each individual.”

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