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Ongoing Lawsuits:

Amanda Kondrat'yev, Andreiy Kndrat'yev, Andre Ryland, and David Suhor v. City of Pensacola, Florida et al.

In 2016, the American Humanist Association brought suit jointly with the Freedom From Religion Foundation against the City of Pensacola (Florida), challenging the City’s ownership and maintenance of a 34-foot cross in a city-owned public park.


The United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida ruled in favor of Plaintiffs in June 2017 and the City subsequently appealed to the Eleventh Circuit. In early September 2018, a three judge panel in the Eleventh Circuit ruled in favor of the AHA and FFRF.


In September 2018, the City petitioned the Supreme Court for certiorari. Shortly after, the City filed a Motion for Rehearing En Banc asking the entire Eleventh Circuit to rehear and then reverse the ruling. Counsel for Plaintiffs will be filing a Response in Opposition to the City’s Motion for Rehearing En Banc later this month and separately a Brief in Opposition in mid-November.


Selected Case Documents:

District Court (Case No. 3:16cv195-RV/CJK):

Complaint (filed May 04, 2016)

Court Order (issued June 19, 2017)

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit (Case No. 17-13025): 

Appellate Brief (filed November 16, 2017)

Published Opinion (issued September 07, 2018)

Supplemental Brief (filed August 23, 2019)

U.S. Supreme Court (Case No. 18-351):


Selected Media Coverage:

U.S. News & World Report (September 8, 2018)

Federal Appeals Court Says Florida Cross Must Come Down

Press Releases:

AUGUST 23, 2019

Pensacola Cross Victory Won’t be Affected by Bladensburg Decision, Atheists Argue

OCTOBER 22, 2018

Leading Freethought Organizations Defend Pensacola Cross Victory in Appeals Court 

AHA & FFRF file brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

Leading Secular Groups Win Big in Florida Cross Case

A resounding victory for the First Amendment’s principle of church-state separation.


MAY 16, 2018

Humanist Group Delivers Oral Arguments In Pensacola Cross Appellate Case

Cross monument violates Establishment Clause, says Senior Counsel Monica Miller.

MAY 15, 2018

Humanist Group to Present Oral Arguments in Pensacola Cross Appeal

Cross on city grounds violates Establishment Clause.

NOVEMBER 16, 2017

AHA Files Appellate Brief in Pensacola Cross Case


JUNE 19, 2017

Federal Court Declares Christian Cross Unconstitutional, Humanists Applaud Ruling in their Favor

The public should not foot the bill for a religious symbol.

JUNE 14, 2017 

AHA Makes Arguments at Hearing in Federal Court Over Pensacola Cross

AHA presents oral arguments in case to remove cross from public grounds in Pensacola, FL

JUNE 13, 2017

AHA to Present Oral Arguments in Pensacola Cross Case

AHA to present oral arguments in Pensacola cross case

APRIL 24, 2017

Secular Groups File for Summary Judgment in Pensacola Cross Case

AHA files for summary judgement in Pensacola cross case

MAY 4, 2016

AHA Sue to Remove Giant Cross Display in Florida Public Park

The AHA and Freedom From Religion Foundation team up to challenge a 25-foot-cross in Pensacola, Florida.


JULY 29, 2015

Humanist Group Wants Christian Cross Display Removed from Florida Public Park

A cross statue in a public park in Pensacola, FL, has been the site of church services.

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